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One halo form

3.10.2023 at 15.06 - Kurikka (I)
Marko Myllyniemi, Lakeuden Ursa

Fortunately, there was no rush today with the cloudiness, so I finally got to test Samyang's wide angle and the 6D Mark II in halo photography. You can get a pretty good result with that combination, but the fisheye will definitely still be added to the purchase list. In itself, it's a shame that only basic pretzels were available again.

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One halo form

3.10.2023 at 05.40 - 06.05 - Turku (I)
Paula Mattila

In the early morning coffee time, the moon was 22r, after six the low clouds covered the sky. Jupiter still fit inside the ring.

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2.10.2023 at 02.59 - 03.10 - Turku (IV)
Tauno Ihalainen

In a couple of nights it was possible to look at Jupiter again. On October 2, even while filming the video, bigger and brighter light spots or spots than usual attracted attention. I had also filmed on September 25, which can be compared; bottom picture.

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One halo form

2.10.2023 at 11.26 - 15.02 - Kannonkoski (I)
Maritta Kinnunen

There was a special ring on the sun. It doesn't really look like just a halo. The morning picture has a clearer halo ring. In the afternoon there was a browner ring and wide. Either would look like a halo from above. I do not know: D

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Mare Crisium

2.10.2023 at 03.00 - 03.15 - Kirkkonummi (III)
Harry Rabb, Kirkkonummen komeetta

Mare Crisium region of the moon on 2 October 2023 at 02:52. In the second picture, the Tycho area. As a telescope, Celestron 8, with 20mm eyepiece magnification. Camera Canon Eos 60Da. Filmed HD video for 2 minutes, of which 3% is stacked.

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2.10.2023 at 02.45 - 02.49 - Kirkkonummi (III)
Harry Rabb, Kirkkonummen komeetta

Jupiter 2.10.2023 at 02:45. Jupiter's moons are also in the second photo. The atmosphere was calm at the time of filming and it was possible to stack a larger percentage of the video than usual. As a telescope, Celestron 8, with 20mm eyepiece magnification. Camera Canon Eos 60Da. Filmed 640x480 crop video 3min46sec, 20% of which is stacked.

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Bishop's ring

2.10.2023 at 14.29 - Kuusamo, Käylä (III)
Jani Päiväniemi, Ursa (Pohjois-Suomi)

A clear brown ring around the sun. Blue inside and out, I'm guessing bishobby.

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Lunar corona

2.10.2023 at 04.28 - 04.57 - Kannonkoski (IV)
Maritta Kinnunen

The weather was bad all week. Rain and strong wind. Nothing to observe. I'm usually a night owl and a morning sleeper :) I happened to wake up and noticed that it's even light. Had to go check if anything was visible. The rim of the moon was visible along with Jupiter. There is a line in that one picture. The plane might have missed it. The clouds sometimes obscured the view. The hands shook such a star line in that picture. I did come to a few others. Couldn't find what star it was. You can only get a few stars/planets in pictures with this phone.

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2.10.2023 at 02.03 - Harjavalta (IV)
Jari Kuula, Porin Karhunvartijat

Säätila gave its challenge to observation. The Moon was at 43° elevation, with Jupiter right next to it. However, the seeing between the cloud rafts is moderate, so it was a shame to leave the drawing unfinished.

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Several halo forms

8.9.2023 at 12.15 - 19.15 - Kurikka, Jurva (II)
Timo Nevala, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

I'm only posting this observation here now because I "mistaked" shooting halos all the way to stacks, after which I ran into technical problems with Halostack. (For example, you could write your own comment about them.) I have previously made a few photo stacks of halo images with a "hand game", which were not originally thought to be stacked, but now I shot a series of images for the stack. Photo 3: in the afternoon I noticed a faint halo arc above the Sun, and took a stack of about 30 pictures of it (after that the Sun had time to pass out of the obscurator). However, tuning the tripod a...

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