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A fireball at night, brighter than the venus

13.8.2022 at 01.10 - 01.10 - Leppävirta (III)
Pasi Tuomainen, Ursa (Itä-Suomi)

Two evenings of Perseid hunting, you ended up with a dozen small streaks, and this one was clearly the brightest.

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13.8.2022 at 00.00 - 01.45 - Hamina (II)
Matias Takala, Kuopion Saturnus

Regardless, I thought I'd give it a try if you could see the Perseids. It was pretty bad, apparently the sky was somehow cloudy and the seeing wasn't the best. The moon was full, fortunately low, but it still hindered observation. I think I saw a dozen Perseids myself, I caught three on camera. It wasn't a spectacle.

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Rocket-related clouds

13.8.2022 at 01.53 - 01.56 - Vaala (IV)
Jarmo Moilanen, Ursa (Pohjois-Suomi)

I was looking at the Perseids when this came into view. Illuminated clouds were visible around the bright point-like object throughout the flight. Towards the end of the flight, the target brightened for a moment. After that, the track seemed to disintegrate, but it's hard to say what exactly happened. The main picture has all 12 time exposures of 13 seconds every 15 seconds. The second picture shows 100% of the five frames of the phenomenon itself with the times. The bright star at 22:55:15 UT in the picture is Vega. At 22:55:58 UT the image shows the mentioned brightening. The camera'...

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13.8.2022 at 00.07 - Tampere
Jari Luomanen, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

It was nice to have even brighter sparkles than these last night. One appropriately hit the photo area, and even more, posing with a yökkösrafta.

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Rocket-related clouds

13.8.2022 at 01.55 - 02.00 - Lahti (V)
Jarkko Lampiselkä

The light phenomenon was discovered by chance when searching the sky for the North Star, Otava and other constellations. The phenomenon was observed in the middle sky around the North Star, from where it flew lazily in the north direction until it disappeared behind the forest on the horizon. The speed of movement seemed constant, and no significant changes in direction occurred. #raketti: Falcon 9

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Rocket-related clouds

13.8.2022 at 01.51 - 01.56 - Yläne (I)
Leena Väinölä

Satellite launch (stacked 13 images with 25 s exposure) #raketti: Falcon 9

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Rocket-related clouds

13.8.2022 at 01.58 - 02.00 - Kankaanpää (I)
Hiski Eronen

A Falcon 9 rocket was presumably moving from south to north. The amount of light varied from time to time and smoke rings appeared one after the other. It took about 30 seconds. #raketti: Falcon 9

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13.8.2022 at 00.05 - 02.00 - Rusko (IV)
Mikko Peussa, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

The Perseids were visible to some extent and finally the rocket launch and its impressively spectacular passage through the sky stole the whole show. The first and second pictures are of the same Perseid, which left an afterglow in the sky for a while. The triple image has a severely cropped gif animation of it. In the quadrilateral, Perseid appears next to the rocket cloud.

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Rocket-related clouds

13.8.2022 at 01.50 - 02.00 - Isojoki (III)
Akseli Ketola

A rocket that flew from southeast to northwest. Photos with the phone's camera. 1. Image: rocket coming towards. 2. The rocket passed. (Note Otava.) 3. The tracks just before disappearing behind the clouds. #raketti: Falcon 9

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Rocket-related clouds

13.8.2022 at 01.55 - 01.58 - Tampere (IV)
Jari Luomanen, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

It was even a great incident. In the second picture, one Perseid can also be seen. And there are dim Nightingales too. For a moment it looked as if the source of light had sped through a fog or a cloud. Of course, it wasn't about that, but it was a really great effect. The same impression was made by the ring created under the brightest point of light, which was visible for a while. I didn't get a picture of that. The images are cropped from the frames shot with a 14mm ultra-wide angle. Fortunately, this much was saved. #raketti: Falcon 9

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