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Pollen corona

24.5.2022 at 20.00 - 21.30 - Lieksa (III)
Petri Martikainen, Ursa (Itä-Suomi)

Birch pollen ring in the light of the setting sun in Lieksa's Susuuo.

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IC 2944

4.5.2022 at 00.00 - Observatorio El Sauce, Rio Hurtado, Chile (V)
Jari Saukkonen, Kirkkonummen komeetta

Finally again in the picture (oi). It doesn’t take more than a year to get Chile’s remote equipment, plagued by misfortune and equipment failure, back under attack. Murphy had to be cursed very many times, the delivery times of the equipment are what they are and it is not made any easier by the rigidity of the logistics in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately, the technicians at the telescope farm are first class, so isn’t this starting to roll again. The object of the new first light was selected to be the open constellation IC 2944 found in the constellation of Centauri and the surrounding em...

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24.5.2022 at 11.00 - Espoo (IV)
Kimmo Lehtinen

Such a fine loop was visible in the Sun. I first wondered which blob is far from the surface of the Sun, then by extending the exposure time, the whole loop appeared. After all, that’s pretty big compared to the size of the Sun. In the pictures, the Sun is completely overexposed, and the ‘shadow’ near the edge of the Sun can be a reflection in the telescope (?) That appears in long exposures. When shooting the surface of the sun, the appropriate exposure time was 0.0015 seconds, while in these images the time was 0.1 second, or about 67 times longer. The two images are otherwise the same, but ...

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Rare halos

22.5.2022 at 19.55 - 19.59 - Joensuu (IV)
Marko Riikonen

I got a series of pictures from the reflection sun. 1. A stack of 36 images of the best stage during 1m 43s at 19:56:35-19:58:18. Little usm given. 2. Single organic image 3. A video with a whole series of 71 shots during 3m 27s at 19:55:37 - 19:59:04. Framerate 20 / s. Squares slightly hazy. (Video quality suffered from the transfer to the Watch pretty much). But is that a haa? There are equally sharp reflected cloud rays in the stack (only the cloud rays move faster and blur away). Although the potential hook dominates the view. Whether it is. If not, let the observation be moved to the cate...

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Several halo forms

24.5.2022 at 14.05 - 18.50 - Turku (II)
Paula Mattila

The dark ring or parts were poorly visible in the main between two and four, but were still noticeable. Shortly before seven, the side sun was visible.

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Other special clouds

22.5.2022 at 13.35 - Rautavaara (III)
Jari Huttunen

Sunday's 'UFOs'.

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Several halo forms

22.5.2022 at 05.33 - 19.23 - Turku (II)
Paula Mattila

There were no halos all day, 22r visible without interruption for many hours, the best 22ys + as phase I watched from the pool of the inland swimming pool. In the morning and now in the evening, the side sun also stood out again.

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Reflected sunbeams

21.5.2022 at 20.15 - Puumala (II)
Kati Summanen

Reflected cloud rays, I guess. If, so special, because from this very same point I have already made the very same "rare" observation several times. In the Saimaa archipelago, there is enough water for reflections.

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Rare halos

20.5.2022 at 10.45 - 11.00 - Juva (IV)
Petri Martikainen, Ursa (Itä-Suomi)

A dim 23-degree slag observed during field work. There was also a hint of 18-degree stuff, but it didn’t grab the image of the cell phone and remained uncertain. The wind was heading southwest. The situation was over in about a quarter and I didn’t have time to stack.

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Rare halos

19.5.2022 at 16.03 - 18.25 - Turku (IV)
Paula Mattila

The working day ended at 4 pm and when I got out I glanced at the sky, there was a nice halo arc, it was obviously something other than the basic 22r.

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