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Rare halos

7.2.2023 at 15.00 - 16.30 - Juva (IV)
Petri Martikainen, Ursa (Itä-Suomi)

The pyramid halos of the previous night continued when a faint ring began to appear around the setting Sun. No clear shapes could be seen with the naked eye, but there was something in the pile. The first 120 pictures could be taken without major interference from lower clouds, after that the stacks taken until sunset were almost unusable as the cloud cover increased. The wind was blowing from the south (the temperature was barely on the positive side), which might have something to do with the appearance of pyramid holes so early. Pino revealed a reasonably good pyre show, where you could com...

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Pearl clouds

7.2.2023 at 20.20 - Muonio (III)
Seija Olkkonen

I photographed the aurora borealis, but as a bonus I also got to photograph a probable nacreous cloud in the light of the full moon.

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Half-sky auroras

7.2.2023 at 19.22 - 20.23 - Utsjoki, Karigasniemi (IV)
Tarja Kouvo

In addition to the northern lights, the moon was also there, illuminating the landscape like the best lamp. Instead of going from the light of the moon to the dark, I decided to fit the flare and the moon into the same shot, the moon isn't always in the way. When the lights came over my head, they would certainly have been seen more clearly without additional lights, but phenomena and circumstances vary. The air was incredibly warm, and therefore it was a pleasure to be outside. So it was a very good evening all round.

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Binocular comet ZTF

6.2.2023 at 18.54 - 18.57 - Janakkala, Tervakoski (III)
Petri Kuossari, Riihimäen tähtit. yhdistys

Clouds and a full moon at least do not make it easier to photograph the comet, fittingly there was a bit of a gap in the clouds in the direction of the comet.

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Rare halos

6.2.2023 at 11.00 - 11.15 - Kuopio (IV)
Tero Keinänen

A rainbow began to form in the sky, which was joined by bright halos.

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Binocular comet

6.2.2023 at 19.00 - Mäntyharju (I)
Markku Siljama, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

Comet update. Visible in the constellation Ajomie, couldn't be in an easier place. Not visible to the naked eye. Distance from Earth 49 million kilometers. In Figure 3, I determined the brightness of the comet with an unsharp focus of n 6.5 mag. Picture 4 bonus, I turned the camera to Pyhäselka towards the moonlight, fog further away, freezing 7 degrees, upper clouds.

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Rare halos

4.2.2023 at 18.30 - 01.30 - Jämsä (IV)
Jari Luomanen, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

Mikkilä and I were team hunting for a long time. The predictions promised a slab crystal inferno, and we got something of a kind. First there was a good set with lower side suns and Lowitzes. In addition to the concave and convex Lowitz shape, a divergent tail (i.e. caused by non-parallel light) seems to come from the lower side suns, and in the same pictures there is of course also a so-called a superlamp (i.e. relative to the divergent light of the upper sun) as an extension of the pillar.* The images of the Lowitz phase (the two images where the lower side suns are sharp) have some funny ju...

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Rare halos

4.2.2023 at 18.30 - 01.30 - Jämsä (IV)
Marko Mikkilä

Years of dreaming about a halo observation trip came true last Saturday at short notice. The forecast showed excellent weather for Himos and at the same time the full moon was beautiful in the sky. So let's go. Jari Luomanen and I booked a cottage as a base for the halo trip. The evening started around half past seven when we set out to explore the area. The first blow resulted in a return trip to the cabin when someone forgot Blokker at the cabin. (Me) Around eight in the evening it started to happen. Ice fog formed in an area of a few kilometers and we found a good dark field where we fi...

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6.2.2023 at 09.30 - 09.45 - Turku,Ruissalo (II)
Paula Mattila

There didn't seem to be any halos in the clouds in the morning, but there was a frozen and snow-covered cove on the shore of the Ruissalo National Park where a surface halo could be seen.

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6.2.2023 at 05.26 - Kokkola (III)
Pentti Ketola, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

There was a full moon in Kokkola and a quiet night, so I started the timer photography session at half past four and there were 681 raps. Otava aligned this satellite quite nicely, but the direction did not match Heavens Above's drawings..

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