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Arcus cloud - 22.6.2021 at 13.50 - 22.6.2021 at 14.05 Kokkola Observation number 99052

Visibility V / V

The low roar of the front was already heard hours before it arrived on the coast of Kokkola. I followed the front from the rain radar and concluded that this is a fairly powerful case. We decided to leave the cottage home and took these pictures just before leaving the cottage beach. The avalanche was a really impressive revelation and the experience was gorgeous! It might have made more sense to stay at the cottage, as after a while the visibility was almost non-existent. It rained heavily on the sky, with thumb-sized granules among it. There was quite a fuss inside the car and I was afraid the windshield would crack. Along the way, trees had fallen and the roads were full of wind-blown cones and branches.

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Comments: 7 pcs
Henrik Heikkinen - 22.6.2021 at 16.16 Report this


Markku Ruonala - 22.6.2021 at 17.13 Report this

Kerrassaan upea vyörypilvi.

Mikko Peussa - 22.6.2021 at 17.50 Report this

Upeat kuvat hienosta vyörystä!

Matti Helin - 22.6.2021 at 21.23 Report this


Liisa Kivistö - 23.6.2021 at 12.25 Report this

Kylläpä on ollut kamera valppaana, jotta noin mahtavat kuvat on ehtinyt  ottaa

Anja Haavisto - 24.6.2021 at 04.56 Report this

Onpa upea kuva. ???? 

Eero Karvinen - 24.6.2021 at 20.48 Report this

Kyllä on nätti vyörypilvi maiseman kanssa!

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