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Active aurora band - 3.2.2021 at 23.49 - 3.2.2021 at 23.59 Kolari, Ylläsjärvi Observation number 95865

Visibility III / V

Yrjö Benson, Ursa (Helsinki)

In many ways exceptional northern lights. The fires came suddenly, as if from scratch, and grew to their full size in about a minute. Width over 120 degrees and located mainly at an altitude of 15-30 degrees. The whole system moved and danced quickly, like a herd of clouds blown by a storm wind. Colors and great brightness, even with a short shutter speed, the image burned from something burst. The fires faded as fast as they came. There were at least two of these approximately 6–10-minute screenings on 3-4.2 nights and at least one on 2–3.2 nights. Bz, Boyle, and the dynamic pressure gave a good advance warning of the start, and I was in the swamp with the camera ready facing north under the starry sky when the lights came on. In the picture, you get an idea of the order of magnitude when you compare To the top right. Canon R6 and Sigma 14mm, but still you won't fit anywhere near the picture.

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  • Aurora brightness
    • Very bright auroras
  • Observed aurora forms
    • Band info

      Bands are usually narrower, more twisty at the bottom, brighter, and more active than arches. Bands usually develop from arches.

      Bands can form J and U shapes, sometimes even full spirals. The corona can also arise from bands. Bands are a fairly common form of aurora.

      Aurora band. Photo by Merja Ruotsalainen.

      Aurora band. Photo by Matias Takala.

      Aurora band. Photo by Lea Rahtu-Korpela.

      Aurora bands. Photo by Lauri Koivuluoma.

      Aurora band. Photo by Matias Takala.

  • Colors with unaided eye and other features
    • Green auroras info

      Green, seen with the naked eye, is one the most common colors of the aurora. The green color is derived from atomic oxygen.

      Green auroras. Lea Rahtu-Korpela.

      Green auroras. Photo by Juha Ojanperä.

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