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Barnard 22 - 13.1.2021 at 19.15 - 13.1.2021 at 22.10 Leppävirta Observation number 95712

Visibility Unclassified

Teemu Holopainen, Kuopion Saturnus

The only two cloudless evenings in January at the heights of Kuopio were really cold and descriptively really challenging. Here is the object of the description of the latter frost bridge, a dark fog on the outskirts of the constellation Taurus.

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Additional information
  • Observation target
    • Deep space object
  • Designation
    • Barnard 22
    • Luokittelematon
  • Constellation
    • Taurus
  • Weather
    • -21°C, lähes tyyntä.
  • Darkness
    • Average
  • Nebulae
    • Dark nebula info

      Dark nebulae are dust in space. It obsruct the visibility of background star and bright nebulae. Thus, the dark nebulae are seen as dark clouds in space.


      The Horsehead Nebula is a dark nebula. Image Arto Murtovaara.


      The dark nebula LDN 1235 in Cepheus. Image Juha Kepsu.


      The dark nebula LDN 1302. Image Tero Turunen.


      The NGC 1333 is a reflection nebula, which includes also dark nebulae. Image Samuli Vuorinen.

Technical information

Nikon D750, Sigma 70-200 f2.8 S 200mm f2.8 ISO 1600 109x90s. Ioptron Sky Guider Pro.

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