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Half-sky auroras - 25.9.2020 at 22.50 - 25.9.2020 at 23.45 Savukoski Observation number 94018

Visibility IV / V

The forecasts are good, both northern lights and weather forecasts. So I decided to look for a new location. After just over an hour of driving, I found myself in old familiar places. In our village, the street lights go out at 11pm, so I decided to check out a couple of miles away in a darker situation. Surprisingly, an arc of northern lights strengthened in the sky, with a slightly reddish echo on the west side. With a couple of jumps, I jumped into the swamp, the camera ready and the wire shutter to press. The focus was then left unadjusted as I focused on capturing the phenomenon. SAR or tmv. phenomenon?

Shortly before eleven, a camera with tripods in the armpit and passport to a bridge in the middle of our village. The bridge overlooks the lower reaches of the Kemijoki River in a rather delicious "graceful" west direction. And there was no need to experience disappointments at that time. At one point, the blurry images frightened, either, but the fog rose as well. Oddly enough, the fog faded as fast as it rose. The camera lens did not fog, but the images had an interesting effect. The scratching of a cosmic bear, said a friend of mine after seeing the pictures, how many prongs and arcs there were in the sky.

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Emma Bruus - 30.9.2020 at 22.51 Report this

SAR on sellainen puhtaan, syvän punainen. Jotain lievää STEVEn alkua tuossa 1. kuvassa voisi olla, mutta on niin hailakka ja diffuusissa vihreässä ettei uskalla merkata tunnistusta.

Jokatapauksessa aivan maagisen hienot otokset! Esityisesti tuo keskimmäinen

Tero Sipinen - 1.10.2020 at 01.40 Report this

Kolmoskuvassa melkoinen määrä "verhoja" lepattamassa :O

Upeat kuvat!

Olli Sälevä - 1.10.2020 at 08.23 Report this

Huh huh, onpa ollut hienot reposet.

Anu Tossavainen - 1.10.2020 at 08.32 Report this

Kiitokset ja erityisesti Emmalle, kun selvensit noita harvinaisuuksia. Niitä aina koettaa bongailla ja kun vieno epäily on, että on aiemmin nähnyt vaan ei ole tajunnut. Saatikka, että olisi kuviin tarttunut.

Oli kyllä huikea näytös, ehkä parhaimpia mitä olen kuvannut. 

Pentti Ketola - 1.10.2020 at 15.51 Report this

Kyllä tuo alin kuva on satumaisen kaunis.

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