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Perseids - 14.8.2019 at 01.05 - 14.8.2019 at 04.00 Orimattila Observation number 84958

Visibility IV / V

Asshole hunt.

13.-14.8. the night between took to the same place as the previous one ; to the countryside between Nastola's Uudenkylä and Orimattila, a quiet field landscape. The rain of the day kept the terrain moist, but the fog was less of a nuisance than the night before. Instead, the clouds covered most of the sky, first from the south, moving through the west and zenith to the north. In addition to the clouds, the moon, which was about a full phase, brought its own challenges.

Despite the distractions, there was commendable activity on the sky deck - both greenish asses and more sparkling alpha capricorns were visible above. Also, something like an owl was enthusiastic about wondering at the bustle of the photographer during the night.

I didn't see the brightest fireball of the evening already reported by Satu Juvonen with the naked eye when tuning the monitoring stand, but it still grabbed the cell, leaving the old upper atmosphere currents to be taken away for several minutes. When comparing the pictures, it is interesting to note how much higher the flight is seen further east in Parikkala in relation to your own tip from Päijät-Häme. Did some hippies end up on the border with Karelia ..

The result of the night was a few composite images, lots of pictures of individual flights and even more video material, which for the most part is still waiting to be reviewed. However, the images already processed in the report and a little extra on the website.

1. The galaxy of Perseid and Andromeda at 02.22

2. 36 asses and seven siblings 01.48 - 03.29

3. 18 asses in a southeast direction 02.02 - 03.06

4. Descending moon and nine flights 02.27 - 03.06

5. A single ass in the northern sky 02.06

6. 12 assholes near the galaxies of Andromeda and Triangle 02.22 - 03.35

7. The brightest single perseid of the evening 02.20

8. The evening left behind by the brightest of the evening 02.20 - 02.28

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Comments: 5 pcs
Mikko Peussa - 19.8.2019 at 21.04 Report this

On nämä niin hienoja! Mahtava tuo viimeinen kiemurteleva vana.

Joni Virtanen - 19.8.2019 at 22.41 Report this

Onpahan hienoja tallenteita!

Tero Sipinen - 19.8.2019 at 23.06 Report this

Nämä on aivan käsittämättömän hienoja! \o/ Hauska tuo viimeinen. ZAP! :)

Janne Kari - 20.8.2019 at 20.48 Report this

Järjettömän upeita kuvia, video ja havainto kaikkinensa!

Samuli Ikäheimo - 21.8.2019 at 21.25 Report this

Kiitos vaan!

Odotukset tämän vuoden perseideille oli aika alhaiset kirkkaan kuun myötä, mutta näköjään jotain jää haaviin kun tarpeeksi käyttää aikaa saman kentän kuvaamiseen.

Tosin selkeä vaikutuksensa taustataivaan kirkkaudella oli; viime vuonna kuuttomalla taivaalla 40 perseidin tallentamiseen meni ~50 minuuttia, tänä vuonna sama määrä vaati ~100 minuuttia, täsmälleen samalla kalustolla. Viime vuonna myös värit tarttuivat huomattavasti paremmin talteen. 

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