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Mirage - 23.6.2019 at 11.34 Eura, Myllyojanlahti Observation number 83831

Visibility V / V

Marko Myllyniemi, Lakeuden Ursa

On the way to Southwest Finland, we stopped for a break in Eura in Myllyojanlahti to the Rantapark rest area. We went to enjoy good coffee and tasty, fresh donut rings in the café of the rest area (if there is a pass, I recommend it), after which we popped on the shore of Lake Pyhäjärvi. Immediately far away on the back of the lake somewhere in the direction of Yläne, really wonderful fabrics. At some point, a single Skywarden appeared in the sky, which also stretched nicely with the weaving.

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    • Sunlight
  • Common atmospheric phenomena
    • Mirage info

      Mirage is a light phenomenon that occurs when there are layers of air of different temperatures in the atmosphere. The light gets reflected between these different layers.

      This can happen, for example, in the spring over the water when the sea is still cold and the sun is already heating up the air .

      In mirages, distant objects may appear even if you do not otherwise see them. Their shape is more or less distorted. Objects like boats or islands may also appear to be hanging upside down in the sky.

      Mirages involving landscape objects and celestial bodies are reported to the Skywarden. Asphalt mirages are not collected, since they are quite common during the summer months.

      In this mirage small islands seem to be hanging from the air over the sea. Image by Peter von Bagh.

      The Moon distorted on a mirage. Photo by Aki Taavitsainen.

      Island mirages over an ocean covered by ice. Image by Pentti Arpalahti.

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Nikon Coolpix P900

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