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Total lunar eclipse - 21.1.2019 at 06.00 - 21.1.2019 at 07.30 Espoo Observation number 80741

Visibility IV / V

Kari Helander, Ursa (Helsinki)

The “highlight” of the complete lunar eclipse on January 21, 2019 was the event I first read about Atte Leskinen's observation of Taivaanvahti.

I went through my own videos. Fortunately, one sample included a time when a meteor probably hit the moon.

The event was quite difficult to find on video, as its duration was really short, maybe just one video frame (1 / 50s). However, it was found.

The time is a bit unclear to me, as the camera clock was set to teletext some time ago. That varies by several seconds from the official time.

I had left my camera in the daytime shooting settings. It was because the moon in the video is pretty “dark”.

It was obviously lucky that the moon had not been brightened on the camera. The shock looks really bright when capturing a video.

My idea was also to photograph a comet from Wirta with the moon darkened. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out when the 18-degree frost hampered operations in every way and the filming sector went “past” Wirtase.

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Additional information
  • Eclipse type
    • Total lunar eclipse
Technical information

My camcorder is a Panasonic HC-V520. The perfect phase image at 6.45pm was taken with a 300mm telephoto Nikon SLR D5300 with 0.5 second exposure at ISO 400 & amp; lt; / p & amp; gt;

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Marko Pekkola - 28.1.2019 at 12.24 Report this

Onnittelut havainnosta Kari! päivitetty. 

Kari Helander - 28.1.2019 at 16.57 Report this

Kiitos paljon!

Olli Sälevä - 28.1.2019 at 18.39 Report this

Kerran elämässä-tapahtuma. Onnittelut.

Matti Helin - 28.1.2019 at 22.24 Report this

Onneksi olkoon! 

Mikko Peussa - 28.1.2019 at 22.49 Report this

Hieno saavutus. Onnittelut!

Jarmo Moilanen - 1.2.2019 at 13.50 Report this

Onnittelut aidon kuutörmäyksen kuvaamisesta.

Maailmallahan on olemassa tutkimusohjelmia jotka näitä kuvaavat. Kuutörmäysten kuvaaminen onnistuu kyllä harrastajavehkeillä mutta edellyttää videokuvausta.

Kari Helander - 2.2.2019 at 14.26 Report this

Kiitos kaikille onnitteluista! Harvoin tällaista sattuu. Kannattaakohan vielä lotota :)

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