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Half-sky auroras - 4.11.2018 at 21.00 - 4.11.2018 at 22.00 Ruovesi Observation number 79135

Visibility IV / V

The first own observation about the SAR arc. The horizontal image was taken earlier when there was also a green arc under that SAR which is also visible in that Panorama. Came with it but vanished in vain as a result of too much enthusiasm. A portrait taken a little later from which that green has already disappeared. I still have to thank Facebook's great Northern Lights Makers group. Without it, I wouldn’t have figured out turning the front direction all the way around without it. Add these nights!


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    • Stable Auroral Red (SAR) arc info

      The Stable Auroral Red arcs (SAR arcs)  are usually clearly distanced to the south from the aurora oval and is a very opaque and normally red ribbon. In most cases SAR arcs are only visible in the photo or on the liveview screen of the SLR camera. Using a camera with very high sensitivity is the best method for capturing these faint arcs. The arch usually settles between east and west.

      A stable red arc of aurora is a rare phenomenon. In some rare occasions, several SAR arcs may be simultaneously visible.

      The first SAR arcs of the Skywarden were observed on nights between November 3-4. and 4-5. days in 2015 in the latitudes of central Finland.   

      SAR arc photographed by Lasse Nurminen 2018. Observation of the Skywarden 79113.

Comments: 3 pcs
Emma Bruus - 10.10.2020 at 15.23 Report this

Onkohan kameran kello ollut tässä kesäajassa? Muistatko yhtään Petri?

Petri Kangasniemi - 10.10.2020 at 18.02 Report this

Voipi olla hyvinkin mahdollista. Kävin tutkimassa tuolla ryhmässä kyseistä päivämäärää ja omien RAW-kuvien tietoja. Lopputuloksena nämä kuvat on nyt sitten mitä ilmeisemmin ajalta 21.00-21.30. Täytyy alkaa kiinnittää paremmin huomioo noihin kellonaikoihin vastaisuuden varalta.

Petri Kangasniemi - 10.10.2020 at 18.14 Report this

Ja vielä varmistuksena, löysin samoihin aikoihin kuvatun auringonlaskun jossa kameran kello heittää myös tunnilla.

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