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Active aurora band - 16.3.2018 at 21.50 - 17.3.2018 at 05.00 Asikkala Observation number 71732

Visibility III / V

Samuli Ikäheimo, Lahden Ursa

Surprise social repo eating.

The intention was to deviate to Pulkkilanharju to train rusty astronomy skills. A gentle repo arch and co-photographer on the beach waited above Päijänne to get there.

With the Northern Lights, the evening’s shooting plans from deep space became more landscape-focused.

The performance was mostly a dim greenish arc, but from time to time (at ~ 23.00->, ~ 01.45->, ~ 02.50->) more brightness and dance appeared over the horizon.

Interestingly, as the morning approached, it seemed that even the dim northern lights could be found in a lot of different shades that a sensitive camera could record. Fluttering spots and other rapid forms were also visible.

The performance continued for a long time, as the piles of five more countries glowed green in the north, even though the twilight already painted the environment blue.

The fact that there was another observer on site for the first few hours brought a nice variation to the evening. Mostly nocturnal sessions when you go in your own conditions, tuning in shooting shots and staring at the sky. This time I got to chat other than on the soundtrack of the camera. To share the experience.

Larger pictures:

First image timelapse:

The actual video material is still awaiting review and processing, so the report may need to be updated.

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  • Aurora brightness
    • Bright auroras
  • Colors with unaided eye and other features
    • Pulsating auroras info

      Pulsating aurora. The brightness of the pulsating aurora usually varies rhythmically over a period that can be only a fraction of a second at its fastest, but can also be several minutes. Pulsing usually only occurs in(strong auroral conditions) higher quality shows , especially towards the end of them. However, the pulsation may be followed by yet another eruption. Sometimes the variation in brightness is at the same stage in the whole form, whereby the whole form "turns on and off" at the same time. Pulsation is also found in arches and bands, but above all in spots..

    • Green auroras info

      Green, seen with the naked eye, is one the most common colors of the aurora. The green color is derived from atomic oxygen.

      Green auroras. Lea Rahtu-Korpela.

      Green auroras. Photo by Juha Ojanperä.

    • White auroras info

      Paljain silmin valkoinen väri näkyy useimmiten himmeissä näytelmissä, kun silmä ei kykene erottamaan mitään varsinaista väriä. Harvoin kirkkaissa näytelmissä valkoinen väri voi myös syntyä sopivista vihreän, punaisen ja sinisen yhdistelmistä.

  • Observed aurora forms
    • ;Veil;Rays;Band;Arc
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Tero Sipinen - 18.3.2018 at 09.47 Report this

No on siellä ollut säpinää, niin taivaalla kuin jäälläkin. Valtavan hienoa matskua jälleen kerran!

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