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A fireball at night, as bright as a cresent moon - 8.11.2017 at 01.02 Helsinki 72 Observation number 68181

Visibility IV / V

Esko Lyytinen, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

There is a fireball camera, I did not see. It was the first of two fireballs of the night, the second one flying much closer came exactly 3 minutes later. This came so exactly in minute 02 that it split into two 2 minute totals. For that reason, I put a 10-minute picture that shows the whole (every fifth frame). Did the exchange of images just confuse the recognition as there was no automatic detection. Can measure manually, but I haven't had time to do it yet. I set the brightness rating to mag. -8, but there might have been close to the brightness of the full moon at close range.

The northern lights were just about to run out, meaning they waned quickly. Somewhat earlier, the sky in the picture would have been so saturated that it might have been completely invisible. Now you can see the northern lights mainly on the right side. And here are the visual observations. Suddenly, not everyone can say which fireball was involved.

So it’s low there in the tops of the trees, ending in a bright flash. The extent to which the image continued to flash "inside" remains unclear.

Mikko Huhdanmäki was lucky and saw both fireballs, ie two notable fireballs every three minutes:

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Additional information
  • Accuracy of the given observation time?
    • Maximum of 1 minutes difference possible
  • How long time did you see the fireball fly in the sky?
    • 1 second
  • How the flight of the fireball ended?
    • The fireball disappeared suddenly
  • In which direction the fireball disappeared out of sight?
    • North
  • In which altitude the bolide disappeared from your sight?
    • Low near the horizon
  • Brightness in magnitudes
    • -8
  • Brightness of the fireball
    • A fireball at night, as bright as a crescent moon
Comments: 4 pcs
Anne Pöyhönen - 8.11.2017 at 18.13 Report this

Me näimme nuo molemmat tulipallot, piirsin niistä radat havaintoon, upeaa nähdä kamerakuvistasi samat. Tämä ensimmäinen ja matalammalla ollut sammui ennen horisonttia. Omat aikamääreeni voivat heittää minuutin kumpaan tahansa suuntaan, en katsonut sekunteja, kun en meinannut kipinöinnin vuoksi uskoa meteoriiteiksi ensinkään.

Kari Kaila - 8.11.2017 at 21.48 Report this

Oulussa saatu kuvaan ilmeisesti tämä bolidi. Se näkyi pilvisellä taivaalla ja alkoi 00:59:58. Tarkistan asian ja laitan kuvan vahtiin.

Kari Kaila - 8.11.2017 at 21.50 Report this

Tämäkin siis meni 8.11. puolella, vai ?

Esko Lyytinen - 8.11.2017 at 23.05 Report this

Kyllä meni 8. puolella. Sorry kun tuli taas töpättyä. Kun käytän itse UT aikaa ja siinä 7. puolella, niin kelloajan muutin, mutta unodin tuon päiväyksen.

Yritän korjata.

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