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CTA 102 - 9.12.2016 at 21.00 - 9.12.2016 at 21.20 Järvenpää Observation number 58904

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Toni Veikkolainen, Keski-Uudenmaan Altair

I decided to drive to Vanhankylänniemi for a long time to star shoot. It was good to start the evening with the filming of the quasar CTA-102. Normally, only a 17-magnitude object had brightened to about 13 magnitudes and was easy to locate among the stars. The elliptical galaxy NGC 7305 (14.1 mag) is also so well visible in the image that in the future we should also try to describe dim comets more actively than before.

Pretty soon after this series of exposures, I pointed my camera at Rosettesu , though the stratocumulus ferry interrupted shooting for more than half an hour. In the end, however, I succeeded moderately. It would have been great to have a point source of light 8 billion years ago and much closer to what is shining in our own Milky Way at the same time.

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Additional information
  • Observation target
    • Deep space object
  • Designation
    • CTA 102
    • Luokittelematon
  • Constellation
    • Pegasus
  • Weather
    • Melkein selkeää, pikkupakkasta, 76 % kuu etelälounaassa.
  • Darkness
    • Mediocre
  • Galaxies
    • Active galaxy info

      The active galaxy OJ 287 in Cancer. This active galaxy includes the biggest known black hole. Image Arto Oksanen.

Technical information

Canon EOS 600d mod + Nikkor 300mm f / 2.8, total exposure 15 min, as tracking device Astrotrac TT-320X

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