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Total solar eclipse - 29.3.2006 at 13.00 Side, Turkki Observation number 50149

Visibility V / V

Tapio Lahtinen, Tampereen Ursa

It was again a wonderful experience - due to its rarity, perhaps one of the most beautiful experiences nature has to offer.
Once again, the time of perfection (3min 40s) felt so short. Of course, if the event lasted even half an hour, it might not feel so valuable.

Anyway, the whole trip organized by Ursa was perfect. The hotel was great with its all inclusive services and ‘no problems’ attitudes (which was a common saying when heard from the Turks anyway). The air was warm and sunny enough for most of the trip. Turkey, with its bazaars, histories and people, offered memorable experiences. You could go there again. And there were about a hundred like-minded people there.

What after that? Two complete eclipses (and 5 minutes 40 seconds of eclipsed sun) may already be a sufficient dose for one person.
But how do you know that even if you were still watching the eclipse north of the Svalbard in 2008 or in China in 2009 or in the Faroe Islands in 2015 or in America in 2017.
And maybe next time I’ll leave with the technology to rip and focus on tracking the eclipse with my own senses.

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Additional information
  • Observed phenomena in the eclipse
    • Naked eye planets visible in daytime sky info

      Planeettoja voidaan nähdä paljain silmin päivätaivaalla täydellisen auringonpimennyksen aikana. Useimmiten Auringon lähettyville nähtäville tulevat Merkurius ja Venus. Lisäksi saattaa - niiden sijainnista ja kirkkaudesta riippuen - tulla näkyville myös aurinkokunnan ulompia planeettoja, kuten Mars tai Jupiter. 

    • Diamond ring info

      Diamond ring phonomenon can be seen during the total solar eclipse. Just before the total phase there is ring formed by inner corona, and last bright part of disappering Sun forms like bright diamond for the ring. The similar vision reappear at the end of total phase.


      Diamond ring in the Australian eclipse in 2012. Image Toni Veikkolainen.


      Different phases of the diamond ring in the Australian eclipse in 2012. Images Jukka Ruoskanen.

    • Baily's beads info

      Baily's beads can be seen during the total solar eclipse about one or two seconds before and after the total phase. They are bright pearl-like light spots, which are last seen parts of disappering Sun and first points of appering Sun.  They are sunlight shine through deep valleys on the edge of the Moon.

      See the image on Bailey's beads.

  • Eclipse type
    • Total solar eclipse
Technical information

Casio QV-3500EX

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