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Supernova SN 2014J - 31.1.2014 at 00.05 - 31.1.2014 at 01.09 Espoo Observation number 22262

Visibility III / V

Mika Yrjölä, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

I had tried a couple of times earlier that week to get a fresh supernova SN 2014J photographed, but the first attempt failed to emerge in the clouds and the second time the camera had, for one reason or another, turned aside and the subject only appeared in a single 15s test exposure; better than nothing but frustrating. Even with the thumb of the second hand, there had been a slight frostbite when adjusting with the equipment, so the balance was pretty bad by then.

On Thursday night, the weather seemed moderate, so I decided to try for a third time even though I started to have sleep debt. I marched to the seashore and set up a fleet. The M81 / M82 pair was already found very effortlessly with the workout and no clouds appeared to ruin the performance, so making the previous bad luck a little paranoid I set the shutter button to take pictures in five-shot series and always checked in between that no obvious catastrophe had happened. About an hour went moderately relaxed and the weather didn't feel as dull as it had been the week before.

I only got a couple of footage to my slight annoyance after spending a weekend with relatives, but luckily the trail turned out to be quite valid; a few shaken images were found in the crowd for some reason, and the pole orientation was apparently not quite right (or the Astrotrac pole orientation tube, which had fallen several times, is non-collimating), but despite the slightly stretched stars, the supernova warps quite nicely and noticeably in the stacked image. At the same time I also got the best My picture so far from the M81 / M82 pair, so the balance was a strong plus despite a couple of failed attempts!

In addition to the M81 / M82 / SN 2014J set, the cropped image is also adorned with at least NGC3077 (top left) and PGC 28563 (near the left edge). I’m not quite sure if Holmberg IX and PGC 28731 also show a hint or if it’s a matter of wishful thinking.

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Additional information
  • Observation target
    • Supernova
  • Designation
    • SN 2014J
    • Keskitaso
Technical information

Canon EOS 5D mk III + EF 200mm f / 2.8L with full aperture, 38x60s exposure at ISO 800. Follow-up: Astrotrac. 42 flats, synthetic fake bias / dark frames, image processing with PixInsight and Cinepaint.

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