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IC 5217 - 25.12.2022 at 17.47 - 25.12.2022 at 19.20 Imatra Observation number 111184

Visibility II / V

Rauno Päivinen, Etelä-Karjalan nova

The sky brightened up for a while on Christmas Day evening, and since eating ham was already getting dull, I included star photography in the program.

After initial difficulties, I aimed the tube at this small planetary nebula IC 5217 (PNG 100.6-05.4) found in the constellation Sisilisko. The object is only 7 arcseconds in size. The brightness is 11.3 mag, so the surface brightness is still good.

Due to its small size, it is very difficult to see any details. However, the more skilled ones in the world have also made the internal structure visible with a planetary camera and short exposures. I thought of trying the same thing the next evening, but the color camera didn't agree to cooperate. The slightly oval oval shape stands out.

I took the C14 through a series of 30 exposures of 3 min. An h-alpha filter was used to reduce light pollution.

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Additional information
  • Observation target
    • Deep space object
  • Designation
    • IC 5217
  • Constellation
    • Lacerta
  • Brightness in magnitudes
    • 11
  • Field of view
  • 24 arc minutes
  • Weather
    • -12C, hiukan jäähilettä ilmassa.

  • Darkness
    • Bad
  • Seeing
    • Average
  • Nebulae
    • Planetary nebula info

      Planetary nebula is the remnant of a death star. It could be ring-shaped, disc-like or spread out rather irregularly.

      With the exception of some nearest objects planetary nebulae have a small apparent diameter and they need a rather big instrument to be visible.


      Planetary nebula M27 aka The Dumbbell Nebula in Vulpecula. Image Juha Parvio.


      M76 aka The Little Dumbbell Nebula in Perseus. Image Rauno Päivinen.

Technical information

Celestron C14 SCT, Optec 0.5X reducer. Atik 460EX camera, bin 2.

30x3min, Astrodon 5nm H-alpha (3nm is mistakenly stated in the caption)

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