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Partial solar eclipse - 25.10.2022 at 13.25 Jyväskylä Observation number 110583

Visibility III / V

Vesa Vasankari, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

I'll go back to last week's partial solar eclipse and show you a few pictures of an alternative way to observe the phenomenon. I noticed what I saw in the pictures quite by chance when I was removing all kinds of "shot from the hip" snaps from my cell phone.

If there are no tools other than a camera - that is, e.g. no filters - a valid method of verifying the phenomenon would seem to be to observe the change in the reflection inside the lens. That usually round reflection phenomenon in the pictures now appeared as a sickle and the only reason I came up with is that because there was a deficiency in the shape of the light source (the Sun), this was also visible in the lens reflection. In particular, the settings of the mobile phone camera would never be such that the Sun itself would not be completely overexposed when shooting directly towards it. But using this indirect method of observation, the eclipse could be verified.

If you were planning to take a series of pictures during the eclipse, you should obviously make sure that the camera lens is at the same angle to the Sun during the whole series of pictures. And since the Sun moves all the time, the lens should also move in the same proportion. Based on the snaps I have already taken, it is noticeable that the shape of the lens reflections taken at different angles is different. The closer the reflection can be positioned in the image to the light source, the more accurate the projection of the real event will be. Therefore, the actual degree of coverage of the eclipse could not be calculated directly from such a reflection, but the series of images taken would at least tell the relative progress of the eclipse. Even this method of observation is better than being left without any evidence in the absence of suitable equipment.

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    • Partial solar eclipse
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iPhone 13 Pro

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Tero Sipinen - 6.11.2022 at 00.36 Report this

Varsin kelpo tapa dokumentoida pimennys kännykällä.

Ja siinä mielessä äärimmäisen harvinainen havainto, että linssiheijastuksella on havaintoarvoa! :)

Olisiko peräti ensimmäinen lajissaan? Siis onhan havaintokuvissa useinkin lissiheijstuksia, mutta vain sivuosassa, ei-toivottuina sivutuotteina. Tässä linssiheijastus on pääosassa, ja nurinkurisesti; ilman linssiheijastusta kuvat eivät olisi ylittäneet julkaisukynnystä. Joskus näinkin :D

Maritta Kinnunen - 6.11.2022 at 09.45 Report this

Saman huomasin. Ei pystynyt katsomaan kirkasta aurinkoa. Summassa kuvasin. Näitä heijastuksia löytyi sitten mistä sattuu. Paskat luontokuvat ryhmässä näitä ollaan esitelty ja naureskeltu. On nimittäin tosi hauskoja kuvia sinne tullut. Sirppi seikkailee monessa paikassa.

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