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A fireball at night, as bright as a crescent moon - 31.10.2022 at 01.22 Jyväskylä Observation number 110538

Visibility III / V

Vesa Vasankari, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

This recording was found based on the observations of, among others, Nyrölä and Ulvila. The speed, direction and brightness make this one of the most dramatic that my cameras have captured in Jyväskylä. In addition, the beginning of the fireball's flight is left out of the picture. The second clip is a partial enlargement of the first.

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Additional information
  • Accuracy of the given observation time?
    • Maximum of 1 minutes difference possible
  • How long time did you see the fireball fly in the sky?
    • Not known
  • How the flight of the fireball ended?
    • The fireball disappeared behind an obstacle (trees, buildings or clouds)
  • Brightness of the fireball
    • A fireball at night, as bright as a crescent moon
  • In which direction the fireball disappeared out of sight?
    • North
  • In which altitude the bolide disappeared from your sight?
    • About 1/3 from the horizon towards the zenith
Comments: 2 pcs
Markku Siljama - 3.11.2022 at 21.22 Report this

Hieno video tosiaan.Ei mikään ihme että näytti noin dramaattiselta.Tulipallo syttyi Jyväskylän yläpuolella josta se meni pohjoiseen.Sammui yli 50 km:n korkeudessa.

Vesa Vasankari - 4.11.2022 at 10.09 Report this

Kiitos näistä lisätiedoista. Aina yhtä mielenkiintoista oppia vähän enemmän näkemästään tai kameran itsenäisesti kuvaamasta.

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