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Sun - 6.8.2022 at 13.06 Turku, Nummenmäki Observation number 108107

Visibility V / V

Petrus Kurppa, Turun Ursa

Today, I was able to take pictures, when the sun was shining from an almost clear sky. A brisk wind finally made us move indoors with favor, when the clouds were crossing again. After a short break, more than hydrogen alpha, which is the sun imager's "candy".

Sunspots can now be seen in abundance and are moderately large in size, so even in the image of the entire disk a penumbra around the spot can be seen beautifully. During shooting sessions, keep a cool head to assess whether to go into details with a barlow or continue to the next wavelengths. I ended up with the latter.

As a pair of images, the sun of visible light (Baader Continuum) and the sun of Ca II K light, mostly intended for photography. The coloring is in the direction of 393.4 nm, i.e. from the boundary between visible light and near-ultraviolet. Atmospheric seeing is mercilessly tough in this light. Today there was moderate seeing also in Ca II K light. Of course, the aperture mask must be involved in this.

In light of the hydrogen alpha, there was no big spectacle today. Looking really close, a small 'coronal shower' could be seen between the small protuberances. Small filaments on the surface here and there. I will conclude my report here.

Solar Continuum: TS Optics 80ED f/7, Lunt 1.25" solar prism, ND3, Baader Solar Continuum, Player One Apollo-Mini

Ca II K: TS Optics 80ED f/12.4 with aperture mask, Lunt Ca II K 12mm, PO Apollo-mini

Ha: TS Optics 80ED f/7, Daystar Quark Chromosphere, Optolong IR UV cut, ZWO ASI174MM, Rowan astronomy Tilt adapter

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