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M51 - 5.8.2022 at 01.40 - 5.8.2022 at 02.00 Janakkala, Tervakoski Observation number 108088

Visibility III / V

Petri Kuossari, Riihimäen tähtit. yhdistys

Last night I got in to drive the new Vespera, and I wasn't disappointed, the tube weight is only five kilos and I was able to observe in five minutes. The third target was M51, the observation time was only 18 min before the sky was completely overcast

The image has not been processed in any way, copied directly from Vespera's memory.

I got this tube specifically for shooting, with eVscope it seems like all the time goes to scientific observations. It seems quite promising for that purpose and can always be taken on trips.

This is where the deep sky shooting starts after the summer.

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Additional information
  • Observation target
    • Deep space object
  • Designation
    • M51
  • Constellation
    • Canes Venatici
  • Weather
    • Pilvet peittivät koko taivaan M51 kuvauksen aikana.

  • Darkness
    • Mediocre
  • Seeing
    • Good
  • Galaxies
    • Spiral galaxy info

      Spiral galaxy is a stellar system where there are outwards arched spiral arms from roundish (spiral galaxies) or bar-shaped (barred spiral galaxies) central condensation.

      The apparent shape of spiral galaxied depends on out observation direction. From above they are quite round. From the side they lens-shaped with a bulge in the middle.

      Generally a rather large instrument, good weather conditions and observational expereince are needed to see spiral arms. Usually spiral galaxies look like a fuzzy spots.

      Spiral galaxy M33 in Triangulum. Image Tero Turunen.


      Andromeda Galaxy M31. There are also galaxies M110 (upper right corner) and M32 (lower left corner) in this image. Image Pekka Peura.

      M101 aka Pinwheel Galaxy in Ursa Major. Image Samuli Vuorinen.


      Spiral galaxy IC 342 aka Hidden Galaxy in Camelopardalis. Image Timo Inkinen.

      A sketch of spiral galaxy NGC 7331 in Pegasus. Image Juha Ojanperä.

Technical information

Vaonis Vespera


Observation duration 18 min

Exposure 10 p

Gain 20 db

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