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Moon - 4.8.2022 at 22.45 Paimio Observation number 108083

Visibility Unclassified

Eeva-Kaisa Ahlamo, Turun Ursa

August. It has become a tradition for me to start a new observation season with a feel-good session in Kevola. The forecast promises partly cloudy skies, but that doesn't really matter when the purpose is mainly to renew your acquaintance with the sky.

I arrive in Kevola and open the Kepsi (Celestron GPS 11") roof. The Kepsi has been behaving badly, but Mika has gone to let it run, and now the pipe obeys without any problems. The background sky is still so light that I mainly study the bright stars and Kepsi's direction.

The moon emerges from behind the clouds on the horizon. Eh, I didn't expect that, and of course I don't have the right lens with me. Infuriated by this, I hawk completely. That's what got it. (By the way, it tasted a bit like strawberry.) Rafts of clouds pass through the sky, between which the stars appear one by one to shine. The air is like silk, the temperature is still +20°C, not even mosquitoes anywhere. I take Feeling pictures and admire the colors of the world: the sky in different shades of blue, gray or white clouds flying above me, depending on whether they are in the direction of the sunset or at the zenith, the yellowish shade of the sliding roof shed... The dusk in August/September is the most beautiful time of the year. Then you can also get wonderful star hobby pictures when the contrast is not so great.

I look a little more, even though the background sky is not completely dark yet. M13 still stands out, and the double stars, of course. I'm waiting, waiting, watching... There! Saturn finally comes into view from behind the pine trees, and immediately, of course, also into my telescope. It's sweet, after a long time. Like a little candy. Titan and Rhea also stand out, but because of the atmospheric ripples and the planet's altitude, Cassini's separation is already challenging.

It's time to put Kepsi to sleep. I'm still looking at the satellites, which are abundant in the sky at this time of the evening. The chirping of grasshoppers and the cry of a bird from a nearby field fill the air. The clouds begin to increase and color the sky with the dirty brown of light pollution. However, more stars have always lit up between them.

Time to send home. However, August has only just begun.

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Tapio Lahtinen - 5.8.2022 at 16.12 Report this

Tosi hyvä fiilistelytarina kuvineen.

Paula Wirtanen - 6.8.2022 at 16.19 Report this

Minulla alkoi planeettakausi viime yönä, tuli tarkistettua myös mm. Saturnuksen kuulumiset. Kaunishan se oli, aika tyylikäs rengaskulma tällä hetkellä. Cassinin jakoa yritin minäkin etsiä, mutta ei onnistunut (tosin pienempi putki ja rengaskulma menossa pienenemään päin eli saas nähdä onnistuuko omalla putkella ollenkaan).

Eeva-Kaisa Ahlamo - 6.8.2022 at 18.05 Report this

Kiitos, Tapio. Loppukesän fiilis on kyllä ihan omanlaisensa. Ja oikeassa olet, Paula, Saturnuksesta kannattaa nyt nauttia, kun renkaat ovat vielä aika auki. 2025 tulee jo tohinalla... (Hiukan ärsyttää, kun juuri kun Saturnus vihdoin alkaa nousta Suomessa edes hiukan korkeammalle, leikkaavat renkaat kiinni. No, 2030-lukua odotellessa. (Tosin on "piikki"Saturnuskin ihan hauskan näköinen, mutta pidän siitä enemmän silti renkaat levällään.))

Paula Wirtanen - 6.8.2022 at 20.20 Report this

Totta, olen harmitellut samaa tuossa Saturnuksen tulossa korkeammalle. Mutta vastaavasti se on hyvillä havaintokorkeuksilla sitten pitkään ja rengaskulman vaihtelua voi seurata kaikessa rauhassa. 

Senni Rytkönen - 8.8.2022 at 08.49 Report this

Mansikkakuu ??

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