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Mons Argaeus - 22.1.2022 at 01.50 - 22.1.2022 at 02.40 Harjavalta Observation number 104064

Visibility IV / V

Jari Kuula, Porin Karhunvartijat

The company draws Mons Argaeus in the evening light. The night was unconsciously humid, even though the thermometer showed -11 degrees, within an hour the drawing board went all the way to the skipper! Mount Argaeusv is on the eastern edge of the strait between the Serenitatis and Tranquillitatis plains. It is about 65 km long and about 2600 m high at its northwestern end. The array was named Webb in 1859. Argaeus is an ancient name for a volcano in present-day Turkey. The ancient geographer Strabo (64 BC-24 BC) says: The mountain is in Cappadocia, and at its foot is the city of Mazaca. The top of the mountain is covered in permafrost! - The current name of Argaeus is Ergiyas Dagi. For this we can thank Lords Hevelius and Webb.

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    • Mons Argaeus
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Mak 170

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