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Milky way - 2.10.2021 at 23.15 Tampere Observation number 101752

Visibility III / V

Pekka Rautajoki, Tampereen Ursa

#54, Bongaa 100 challenge, a truly dark starry sky, is, of course, a relative concept. If you can't visit the top of Mauna Kea or the Atacama Desert, what is a "really dark starry sky" in Finland? For myself, it is enough that the Milky Way is clearly visible and the star patterns are already difficult to perceive due to the number of stars. Such places can also be found in the Tampere area of Teisko, and I used a clear moonless evening to clearly see the challenge of object #52, Milky Way. The stellar abundance and the star clusters at the level of our home galaxy are always nice to scan with binoculars, but the cosmos that opens up over the dark countryside are still most impressive to watch with the naked eye! The drawing depicts the Milky Way and the starfish in the area of Perseus, Cassiopeia and Swan. #bongaa100

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Additional information
  • Observation target
    • Milky Way
  • Constellation
    • Cassiopeia
Technical information

Canon 15x50 IS binoculars + observations with the naked eye. Daler & Rowney black paper, Derwent pens & fades, Vallejo Air white paint & toothbrush.

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Kari A. Kuure - 13.10.2021 at 03.01 Report this

Wau – hienoa Pekka.

Piirtämällä tehty havaintoa pakottaa keskittymään kohteen yksityiskohtiin aivan toisella tapaa kuin valokuvatessa. Itse en ole kovinkaan montaa piirroshavaintoa tehnyt, jokusen komeettahavainnon sentään, mutta tuollaiseen tarkkuuteen en ole edes pyrkinyt. Ihailtavaa!

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