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17.9.2023 at 01.31 - Helsinki
Pasi Siitonen, Ursa (Helsinki)

Small clouds rolled into the sky at midnight, but I noticed that the seeing is otherwise the best I've experienced during the past year of the hobby. I then waited for them to crack and at 1:31 I was able to record a three-minute video. Perseverance was rewarded and the end result is my best picture of Jupiter so far. The planet was at 35° altitude.

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7.9.2023 at 03.22 - Helsinki
Pasi Siitonen, Ursa (Helsinki)

The moon from morning to night with Lucky Imaging technology. The moon was at 41° altitude and the visibility was downright moderate.


6.9.2023 at 02.22 - 02.25 - Helsinki
Pasi Siitonen, Ursa (Helsinki)

I photographed Jupiter from a balcony in the inner city of Helsinki with a 150mm/1500mm Maksutov telescope. The jet stream was overhead and the planet was at 35° altitude, so seeing was at most avoidable.

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