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Total lunar eclipse

31.1.2018 at 16.31 - 16.57 - Oulu (IV)
Esa Väänänen

Of course, you had to describe a rare lunar eclipse, which then went unnoticed in Oulu. I remembered that from the shore of Kaijonlahti you could see the moon, sieve and zoom, but nothing. The cloud curtain was low on the horizon. Then, however, the moon drew at the bottom of the sky and I took a total of 120 pictures :). From the arm all because the place had to be changed frequently with the moon visible for only a moment from each place, caused by clouds and trees. The lunar eclipse started appearing as early as 16:28 and I stopped filming at 16:54. My camera was in summer time so the camer...

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One halo form

25.2.2017 at 17.33 - Oulu (I)
Esa Väänänen

I set out to photograph the sunset or its aftermath on the shores of Lake Kuivasjärvi in Oulu (a car park can be found). The sun had already settled behind the horizon to my chagrin, but then that halo phenomenon began to appear, the circular "weaving of the sun." There was another photographer present, a Japanese one. I took pictures with two cameras. This photo was taken with a Pentax K-3II and an object Sigman 12-24mm, 1 / 80s, f16, ISO400. I have a lot of pictures of the situation, the observation lasted about 5-10 min. Corrected typos rev. A) 28.2.2017, shutter speed 1 / 80s.

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