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Pearl clouds

7.2.2023 at 20.20 - Muonio (III)
Seija Olkkonen

I photographed the aurora borealis, but as a bonus I also got to photograph a probable nacreous cloud in the light of the full moon.

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Several halo forms

6.11.2020 at 01.15 - 01.30 - Muonio
Seija Olkkonen

At one time at night I went outside to see the northern lights, indeed, a halo around the moon was visible. I testified once that phenomenon. you can see the frames from time to time.

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One halo form

21.1.2019 at 08.30 - Muonio (I)
Seija Olkkonen

It is probably the pillar of the moon. On the snow cannons of the adjacent Olostunturi probably contributes to the phenomenon. Photographed after the lunar eclipse subsided.


27.10.2018 at 10.00 - Muonio (II)
Seija Olkkonen

Clearly visible surface halo, another for this year. Previous and first I observed last March.

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