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Partial solar eclipse

25.10.2022 at 12.00 - 14.00 - Raahe (III)
Tomi Niemi

I watched the partial solar eclipse from the seashore. The clouds let enough light through and the sickle was moderately visible most of the time. I counted less than 10 sunspots that are visible, although they do not stand out very well in the pictures.

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26.12.2019 at 23.00 - Raahe
Tomi Niemi

The result of my first shooting trip using a star telescope. Unfortunately, I got too excited about the bright night, and I didn’t notice moving the subject exactly to the center of the image.

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Total lunar eclipse

31.1.2018 at 16.30 - Raahe (IV)
Tomi Niemi, Raahen Phobos

A partial lunar eclipse rose behind the clouds.

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