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Exoplanet HAT-P-53 b

11.1.2019 at 19.50 - 22.34 - Metsähovi, Kirkkonummi (I)
Teemu Willamo, Juha Tauriainen, Sami Kivistö, Tuomas Salo, Ilja Pippa, Ursa (Helsinki)

We detected an overflow of the exoplanet HAT-P-53 b from the Metsähovi Observatory of the University of Helsinki. In the figure below, the brightness of the star HAT-P-53 (marked in green in the lower figure) is measured compared to the corresponding reference stars (marked in red). The measurements are noisy but the overpass is just perceptible. Apparently the crossing had started earlier than predicted as it would seem that we were late from the start.

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25.2.2018 at 00.00 - Kirkkonummi (V)
Ilja Pippa

Solarography image of the sun, exposed on February 15-25. The picture shows the dome of Metsähovi Radio Observatory.

Telescopic comet PANSTARRS

16.1.2018 at 21.50 - Kirkkonummi (II)
Ilja Pippa

The observation group of the Astronomy Students' Association Meridiaani ry visited Metsähovi. Comet C / 2016 R2 was visible right next to the mag10 star, so the details of the tail were not visible well. During the night, the magnitudes of the changing stars were also observed and a negative observation of the asteroid 8 Flora star cover was obtained.

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Partial lunar eclipse

25.4.2013 at 23.03 - 23.13 - Porvoo (III)
Ilja Pippa

I watched the event from the roof. Pictures on paper.


30.3.2013 at 23.30 - Porvoo (III)
Ilja Pippa

For the first time with a camera on an iridium hunt. Clouds came to the sky just during the overflight and the long exposure time as well as ISO did the tricks. According to Heavens above, the brightness is -6 to -7 Images cropped

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