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Pearl clouds

24.1.2023 at 08.00 - 10.30 - Inari (V)
Erkki Krekilä

I photographed the sky from our terrace in the center of Ivalo, right next to the hospital, colorful (pearl clouds) covered more than half of the sky visible from our terrace, I've never seen anything like this with my own eyes before and apparently neither had a few of our neighbors.

Halo phenomena covering the sky

14.5.2014 at 08.40 - Raahe (V)
Erkki Krekilä, Raahen Phobos

Erkki Krekilä and Jari Talkkunamaa made observations about Raahe PHOBOS ry. the halos were seen as unusually bright "almost all over the sky", complete with an arc of 22 °, side suns, the lower sun with its arches, an arc with a 22 ° overhang, a pretty good view with an arc of 46 °, an arc with a 46 ° overhang, 46 ° basin curves, the horizon ring and a few other smaller halos were really visible

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