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Rare halos

20.11.2022 at 11.05 - 11.51 - Kuopio
Jouni Kiimalainen

I was on a photography trip behind Nilsiä Tahkomäki, I was driving a car and I noticed the clouds formed by snow cannons, the sun started peeking through the clouds. A milder halo phenomenon was already formed there, but about 10-15 minutes later, in a slightly different place, the phenomenon intensified and when I changed the place, the phenomenon finally got its full force.

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One halo form

7.3.2020 at 09.30 - 11.40 - Lapinlahti (I)
Jouni Kiimalainen

While on a shooting trip, I noticed a perimeter was beginning to form and I kept an eye on the sky. I stopped when I noticed a slightly better distinction and side suns. I photographed and waited in Varpaisjärvi for about an hour, but the phenomenon didn't change much, so I went to drive home, keeping an eye on the halo if there was a change. I drove through the Yara pool area and there I waited half an hour while taking pictures.

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Rare halos

7.2.2020 at 10.30 - 12.05 - Siilinjärvi (IV)
Jouni Kiimalainen

The first eye sighting in the center of Siilinjärvi while working, I drove home and picked up the camera equipment and look for the best visibility for the shooting. The phenomenon lasted about an hour and a half and in the end just above it formed the colors of the rainbow that top halo.

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26.6.2019 at 05.48 - 06.10 - Siilinjärvi (IV)
Jouni Kiimalainen

In the morning run, in the middle of the fog and sunshine, I found a good place where the fog arc began to take shape, after a few moments it was already very visible to the naked eye. After the pictures of the first place, I decided to move to more open terrain and even there I was able to shoot for a while before the fog evaporated.

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Image of an exceptional thunder cloud

22.6.2019 at 14.44 - 15.00 - Lapinlahti (III)
Jouni Kiimalainen

While moving on my own trips, I noticed the movement of thunderclouds in the direction of Väisälänmäki in Lapinlahti, I stopped to look and noticed the front facing the lake back towards me. To bring out the camera equipment and capture the spectacular performance that was rarely seen, even though lightning and rumbling did not occur as much. Eventually I had to flee higher rains under the nearby Akkalansalmi bridge.

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Several bright halo forms

1.6.2019 at 05.40 - 06.21 - Nilsiä (III)
Jouni Kiimalainen

While noticing the side suns in Nilsiä, I noticed and stopped to shoot them with only those and starting curves. I kept an eye on the phenomenon and ten minutes later the halo was enough to watch and describe.

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18.7.2015 at 06.02 - Rautavaara (III)
Jouni Kiimalainen

Fog arc, this was the best I've seen. These were already on the paths before, but I somehow managed to describe this.

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