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6.10.2022 at 22.50 - 03.00 - Sipoo (V)
Mika Myllynen, Ursa (Helsinki)

Budget-class star photography. The lens that was in use cost €60 used. The budget can be seen in the processed picture, but you can be reasonably satisfied with this end result. 85% of the moon would otherwise light the bortle 5 sky quite pale, but since there haven't been too many of those bright nights now, I had to try... Total integration time 3h 16min, 60s exposures at ISO-800 and F/5 aperture. Nikon D3200 and Tamron 70-300 lens at about 200mm position. Tracking Star Adventurer, stacking DSS and further processing with fotar. 25 pieces of biases and 36 pieces of flats. More background...

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7.9.2022 at 22.28 - 23.59 - Sipoo (IV)
Mika Myllynen, Ursa (Helsinki)

Wide field view of the Deneb region. Deneb is the bright star right in the center of the photo. To the left are North America Nebula and Pelican Nebula, to the bottom right so called Sadr region with Sadr the star (gamma Cygni) being the second brightest star in the photo. I didn't expect much from this session, with about 70% moon brightening the sky but it turned out quite well. Pretty happy with this result with budget equipment. StarXterminator and Topaz Denoise AI plugins for Photoshop were quite a game changers. 

Starry sky image

10.1.2022 at 20.37 - 21.30 - Sipoo (III)
Mika Myllynen, Ursa (Helsinki)

I took a few years back to try out a basic buy-in (Nikon D3200) and its putty lens (18-55). The focal length used was about 50mm, the area of the Orion belt and sword is limited to the picture. Surprisingly much of the fog in the area can be seen with this medium, at least as a hint. I would claim to recognize, in addition to M42 and M43, M78, NGC 2024 (Flame Nebula) and perhaps also a hint of cluster NGC 1973, NGC 1975 and NGC 1977? A more experienced follow-up person would probably make these more visible, I still have work to do. The picture shows 167 6-second exposures stacked with Deepsky...

Starry sky image

5.12.2021 at 20.30 - Sipoo
Mika Myllynen, Ursa (Helsinki)

Now a few nights I have been trying to shoot a star on my cell phone. Today I pointed the camera towards Andromeda in hopes of getting a glimpse of the Andromeda galaxy being photographed. That's what it showed. I couldn't wait for that, but the image was also captured by a hint of the Galaxy of the Triangle (M33, in the middle from the bottom edge 1/4 up) and the third Messier object, the open set M34 stands out (put a little up in the middle).

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Total lunar eclipse

10.12.2011 at 21.00 - Rayong, Thaimaa (IV)
Mika Myllynen

The story can be found at: Sorry, the length limit for this box wasn't quite enough and .txt attachments were apparently not allowed.

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