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Rare halos

17.9.2022 at 09.27 - 09.30 - Kaarina (IV)
Hannu Lahtonen

Directly opposite the sun, in the recess of the clouds, a white clearing that remained stationary at the end of the lower clouds passed. I interpreted the phenomenon as an anti-sun. The horizon doesn't ring, but above the phenomenon there is a lightening ground that can be faintly seen in the cell phone picture. Would it be a diffuse anti-sun?

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One halo form

10.1.2020 at 06.00 - 06.15 - Kaarina (I)
Hannu Lahtonen

As I went out in the morning, I noticed a halo-like formation above the moon. I first took a couple of pictures on my cell phone. I watched the phenomenon for a moment that it had not been a cloud, smoke, etc., then I fetched a camera in which I was shooting a slightly dimmed halo. Attached contrast and color saturation added image. The halo was at about 22 degrees, but the ring is not visible. What is it? Top side ??

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