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Active aurora band

14.1.2022 at 20.30 - 21.15 - Raahe (III)
Santtu Pennanen

As the gauges started showing signs of recovery in the early evening, we decided to go visit with my wife to see the situation on the beach after eight. There were already indications along the way that something was visible and there was no disappointment on the beach this time. With awful hustle and bustle, the equipment is in good condition and the wire shutter release is for singing. There was a really icy wind on the beach straight from the northwest and in this hurry it became moccupic: The lens changed and the former is locked in focus to infinity, the new one is not. The first 10min wa...

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Quiet aurora band

27.8.2021 at 23.30 - 00.15 - Raahe (II)
Santtu Pennanen

The gauges looked positive during the evening and when even the backyard showed little color in the sky, so did the stuff and the beach. The repos were quite dim but reasonably lively and the situation in the sky changed and varied all the time. Appeared in the realm of about half the sky, the moon raging from the east would illuminate the environment moderately, and the sky would not get very dark yet. But a good internship ...

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One halo form

22.1.2019 at 12.00 - Raahe (I)
Santtu Pennanen

As I drove the car near the beach, I wondered when the colors of the rainbow always flash in the corner of my eye. This phenomenon was then confronted at the next opening. Bright side suns were visible on both sides of the sun. This is a shattered cell phone. The few bright spots in the picture are icy glitter that flickered in the air all the time to the eye as well. The phenomenon was only visible in the vicinity of the beach and dimmed rapidly as the journey continued inland.


13.10.2016 at 09.00 - Raahe (IV)
Santtu Pennanen

In the morning there was plenty of fog throughout the region. At the workplace, i.e. in the nacelle of the wind turbine, the fog was reached above and a fine light phenomenon like this was noticeable outside. Decent colored rings sometimes tried to come around your shadow, but that outer perimeter remained white all the time. The phenomenon was not very long-lived, however, when the fog was in motion all the time. Taken with a cell phone camera.

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