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A fireball at night, brigter than the venus

1.9.2021 at 00.44 - Järvenpää (III)
Atte Leskinen

I photographed Aurigid’s star flight flock and this big individual was partially left on the screen.

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Total lunar eclipse

21.1.2019 at 07.41 - 07.41 - Järvenpää (IV)
Atte Leskinen

I photographed the lunar eclipse on the videos as well as the pictures. Today I saw on the internet that the moon had been hit by a possible meteor during the eclipse and I went through my own files and noticed from one video that was filmed at that time also a flash at the same point on the moon as in other observations. Attached is a screenshot of the video where the flash appears as a light spot at the bottom of the moon.

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12.8.2015 at 23.30 - 01.00 - Järvenpää (IV)
Atte Leskinen

I was filming asses. I got a few good pictures. I started filming and watching at about 11:30 pm and left after 1:00.

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