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Rocket-related clouds

28.9.2021 at 00.12 - 00.19 - Enontekiö (IV)
Timo Oksanen, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

Atlas V latter round in Enontekiö Hetta. Also shown in the longer video at 04:04

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Half-sky auroras

15.9.2020 at 02.36 - 02.40 - Enontekiö (IV)
Timo Oksanen

Beneath the actual arch lit a shallow and relatively short belt with detached green vertical rays. Was there an appointment for these? EDIT: added video

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Aurora rays

6.2.2020 at 21.45 - 22.45 - Pöytyä (II)
Timo Oksanen

For a long time in the south, too, a decent show, although the active phase lasted less than 10 min. Before that, however, three arches were visible, the top of which was really dim. Longer timelapse video:

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Rocket-related clouds

6.4.2019 at 01.19 - 01.30 - Pöytyä
Timo Oksanen

While waiting for the Northern Lights in Pöytyä's Savojärvi, rockets fired from Andøya were recorded on camera, video at #raketti: Nasa AZURE 1 & 2 / Black Brant XI-A (rocket test)

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Active aurora band

7.10.2018 at 20.20 - 20.50 - Pöytyä (III)
Timo Oksanen

"Dunes" as part of an active northern lights show:

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Quiet aurora band

16.2.2016 at 19.00 - Lieto (II)
Timo Oksanen

I was outdoors filming the Northern Lights at 6:30 pm to 9 pm and 10:20 pm to 11:30 pm. The camera stood out well in places, with the eyes very dim. Apparently, the most active stage was just as I was walking inside - just before ten, peeking through the front door, I could see a very clear dance in the sky. Evening service with timelapse video:

Active aurora band

21.1.2016 at 02.40 - 02.55 - Ylitornio (III)
Timo Oksanen

On the way north in a 39-degree fever (I didn’t drive myself!) And a 30-degree frost, however, I had to stop when something like this happened in the sky.

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