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Clearly visible night shining clouds

17.7.2020 at 01.30 - 02.30 - Ruovesi (III)
Petri Kangasniemi

Already a few nights already spotted random rags but last night already showed a little more. The nights in the Pirkanmaa region are still a bit too bright. These illuminating night clouds began to appear around half past two, and by two times were perhaps best seen. These pictures were taken only after two when they were already starting to dim. The first picture dealt with a little more, 2-4 then giving a slightly more realistic idea of what it really looked like.

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4.1.2020 at 05.00 - 06.00 - Ruovesi (III)
Petri Kangasniemi

The weather forecast promised to be clear in the morning, so despite the wind, I had to go see if the star flights of the quadrantids were visible. The edge of the agglomeration where I had previously photographed was chosen as the observation site. The shooting direction may not have been quite optimal, but they were well visible in the sky. For an hour I was watching, letting the camera take a picture of myself. These seemed to be quite small, every now and then someone bigger hit the horizon. The picture below is made up of six different boxes of starbursts, from there for about an hour. De...

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Aurora rays

27.9.2019 at 22.20 - 23.00 - Ruovesi
Petri Kangasniemi

The northern lights calmed down for a moment and I noticed something in the west facing the sky. I turned the camera in that direction, knowing it could look better. That kind of thing then started to form from there, and based on observations from elsewhere, I guess it turned into Steve. The first observation of such a phenomenon for the signatory was, after all, a rather tense revelation. All images with Canon 80D + Samyang 10mm f / 2.8.

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Half-sky auroras

4.11.2018 at 21.00 - 22.00 - Ruovesi (IV)
Petri Kangasniemi

The first own observation about the SAR arc. The horizontal image was taken earlier when there was also a green arc under that SAR which is also visible in that Panorama. Came with it but vanished in vain as a result of too much enthusiasm. A portrait taken a little later from which that green has already disappeared. I still have to thank Facebook's great Northern Lights Makers group. Without it, I wouldn’t have figured out turning the front direction all the way around without it. Add these nights! #sarg

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A fireball at night, brigter than the venus

12.8.2018 at 01.43 - Ruovesi (III)
Petri Kangasniemi

Based on the weather, I set off the night before Saturday and Sunday to marvel at the Persians. Instead of rotating the camera on previous occasions, I set the equipment to shoot in the same direction all the time. With the remote control, I locked the bottom of the burst to take 20-second exposures. This fireball happened to hit just in place in addition to a few dimmer meteors. It was nicer live than what grabbed the cell. The color green and the "tail" glowed in the sky for another moment. Northern lights were also visible in the dim background. The illuminating night clouds in the lower ri...

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Clearly visible night shining clouds

10.7.2018 at 01.00 - 01.20 - Ruovesi (III)
Petri Kangasniemi

I still went to the balcony at night and noticed the clearly visible night clouds. I quickly grabbed the camera with a panoramic arm when I happened to have a 50mm lens attached. Sometimes I saw these before but the first case I documented. I kind of have to follow the night sky better this way even in summer. Angle of view roughly from north to east in between.

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