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Rare halos

24.2.2018 at 20.19 - Hyvinkää (IV)
Kari Rytilahti

Well yeah ! After all, it had to be checked from the camera card. After all, something had stuck there if this can now be called an ellipse. A slightly different picture from what the other observations that have come here are. Well, a little searching for these shots and a scratchy shot in a harsh hurry. After all, the weather was good with little frost, some ice in the air. About 10 min earlier I saw a clear ellipse shape that I didn’t have time to describe.

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Rare halos

24.2.2018 at 20.45 - Riihimäki (IV)
Vesa Toropainen

Coincidentally, I was leaving with the dogs for an evening run "late" and in the yard, at a glance at the moon, a big surprise came. Hearing a small tire, I wondered for a moment if it was 9 degrees, I walked to the car, and grabbed the wit from the front seat, the big ones on the pin and zoomed against the roof of the car. CURRENT ..., it's not quite round, would it be an ellipse anyway ... well, that's it !. The batteries frozen by the frost were enough for eight shots, and the halo also disappeared within minutes of being found. There was luck in the bonga of the first ellipse ... T...

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Rare halos

24.2.2018 at 19.15 - Orimattila (IV)
Pia Simonen

Note to self: Do not go to check subjects without a camera. The first condition of a good ellipse caused a malignant panic :-)

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